Monday, December 11, 2006

This is IT

This will be a site to keep friends and family informed of the good deed quilts and others as they are stitched up.

This project all started with an Oprah Show, She gave the members of her audience all $1000 to go out and do good things. That show got me to thinking of all the good deeds quilters do. ALL the many places we send warm quilts. Also ALL the many ways this could be accomplished with NON quilters helping. ( SISTERS in this case).

The SISTERS were here for my birthday in Nov... and the conversation took the turn of doing good things... They thought this was a cool idea and volunteered to help.

It has now blossomed and grown to this!

Its now Dec and Ive done up 5 tops of varied sizes so far. I'm thinking a goal of 30 quilts for the 2007 year. I am able to assemble the tops pretty fast. Playing with the color and puzzle pieces is great fun. Where as the quilting and binding will take some time and Effort.

That and learning the techy stuff of pictures and journaling on a regular basis.

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Lin said...

Hi Karyl,

This is a cool project! I'll go thru my fabric pile and send you some $$ or a card for batting. I got an e-mail from Kay and she is going thru her fabric also. I have a few others who might send things too. I'll keep you posted.