Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Current Projects

Good Morning, Todays trick is learning to load pictures on here.

Here is Cracker and Diva. They have finally started playing together. She plays rough!

This picture is my Snow Flake quilt I finished this fall. It is drafted from a small greeting card by Diane Phalen. I had this card in the Christmas box for many years and finally got the guts to start drafting and cutting. Shell put it on the guest bed here at 'Camp David'.

This quilt was made while I was in Eldridge, started in 2002! The fabric bought on Tims first trip to quilt shop in Kansas City with Shell and I. I spent some bucks that day and kinda shocked him ! We basted and put it on the frame this week. I will fuss the hand work on that when not doing the good deed quilts.

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