Monday, March 19, 2007

MORE Fabric

Today , We came home today to 3 BIG boxes of fabric on the door step !!
****** Thanks Nancy !!!******

For NOT being the usual kind of quilter that buys fabric just because its pretty.... and being one that redrafts her patterns so she buys to the inch or close........ and Used to BRAG about only having 3 lil boxes for extra scrap........ I now have 12 big boxes of fabric.... EEEEEEk!! I cant sew this fast !!!

it All looks good,,, it will All have a use. I see pretty colors, back sides,, neutrals,, boy style.. girl style.. TONS of Good Deeds in those boxes ! I need elves in the night to assemble all my ideas !!

A mail list recently asked quilters to DO something with the predominate color of their stash. One box here had bunches of country blue, so I sorted thru mine and all these other boxes for all the country blue,,,,,, and I cut....... and cut some more. I'm guessing I will have enough gypsey/windowpane blocks to do 5 tops. Give me couple weeks to get it together.

I'm also thinking I need a simple fast good looking pattern that comes out at 42" wide and simple to quilt... still looks nice... so I can use up some of this fabric and get the Good Deeds out the door !.... faster .. Better.... hmmmm..

We got gas for the grill today. Then shivered out there while grilling brats. But hey, Its Spring ~~ K

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Sue Pearce said...

It was nice to see your visit on our new blogg! We also have a web site you can visit at
Please feel free to come visit us any time and ... if you are in town during guild week call me or one of the girls. I am sure we can put you up for a night oir two!

K.S. P_J