Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Its Spring

I think for sure Spring has arrived down here.

An editor of the local paper wrote of wanting to till and plant her garden and the neighbors holding her back !! I feel that urge too But in Iowa we had to wait till mid May. My garden is cleaned off and ready for the tiller guy when ever he thinks its time. We have had all manner of birds in the yard and park. The daffodils are blooming next door. I have even cleaned the closet out of winter sweaters !

On the topic of stitching, I spent this past week on an order for Susan in Tx. Thats been mailed out. Then I basted & quilted 4 Good Deed tops and have the binding ready to hem ! They will go on a short trip to St Louis with us and be hemmed along the route.

I spent 14 hrs with the Good Deeds this week bringing total to 319.

Its been nice to see comments made recently !! I hope to see more!
Take a walk. Watch the season change ! ~~K

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