Monday, March 5, 2007

In Like a Lion

Its March !! We had fat red robins all over the place the past few days.
We've been setting outside in the swing. The Lil Dogs are digging and having muddy noses. We have contracted to have more cement added to the back patio.

Shell of KC, was here this past week and we had a great time. She brought boxes of fabric from her Club Ladys. The boxes had all styles and colors of fabrics. I see several quilt combinations coming from those boxes !! She also had a dollar card in her pocket, I'm set for a bit !

Shell has been to Iowa recently and had a box from Lin's Neighbor Ladys... again.. bunches of good quilts coming from that box!

Then I got a box from Lori in Ia. with bright fabrics and other colors that are promising more Good Deeds!

Wow this has bloomed, This has grown more than I thought.. Tim and I started this thinking 25 to 30 quilts for the year. I sent a box of FOUR DONE quits home with Shell so she can call her local LINUS folks. This brings the total of 15 DONE quilts out there doing their jobs. I have 4 tops on hangars here, 4 more are basted ready for quilting and all this fabric spread out on the spare bed. WOW... Thanks to all of you... we are on a roll !! ~~~K

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Angie said...

All four of those quilts are lovely! Great job!