Monday, March 26, 2007

Frazzled in Blue

whewww... Taking a break from the BLUE.... I have the BLUES and then some!.. Im singing the BLUES..... and here are the BLUEhoos.....
From another mail list it was suggested to DO something with the predominant color in the stash... Shells box had plenty of Country BLUES plus my stash made for quite the variety of BLUE. We have BOTH worked on this all week.
I think there is plenty of BLUE there for 5- 6 BLUE Quilts... maybe more... We have BLUE piled on the table, BLUE on the buffet, BLUE in a box on the floor, BLUE stacked on the ironing board. Im sewing them all on the Sears BLUE smurf machine, seemed appropriate.
IM sure this will pass !... just have to keep at it.
Mean while the Garden digger guy was here..... We enlarged the spot a couple passes and cruised the garden store this morning for seeds. Between BLUE adventures Ill be playing in the dirt !! enjoy ~~K

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