Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas 2015 Quilt

March 28 In the midst of packing the RV to leave Texas I thought I better get started on Christmas 2015 Quilt.  So with the thought of being on the road.. not knowing how long  we might stay rolling I drafted with plain old #2 pencil onto plain humble  white muslin and got it basted on the large work table at the park.  A perfect beginning.

... and  as Tim drove down the road with springy Texas wild flowers  coloring the ditches.. I stitched.

We took the long way home with time in San Antonio fixit shop, Dallas Ft worth to see a friend. The over and up to see other people  near Elpaso.. before  heading north to Kansas City... lots of stitching.. lots of scenery...

Almost as soon as we  got home I messed up my foot and was in the hospital twice.. nutz.. so  along with a bucket of ice under the quilt frame  progress was made quilting.

 I really slowed down after July Hospital stay for belly.. We did no Rving.. and NO  stitching for  couple months.

The frame got pushed away while garden season was happening.  It also got pushed aside the few times we had grandkids and family time.

Finally  October came.. and a bit of cold in the air.. and the realization that I better getRdone !

Traditional WholeCloth quilts are done in white thread on white fabric..  Im trying something new with colored threads this year.. Its NOT embroidery but does have bit  of color.  We'll see what the Fair Judges think of  this come summer...

 The binding was finished Dec 15 for the Family Party Dec 18..
.................peek back next week for the rest of the story..................xo

The rest of the story .....Nancy wasn't able to attend the big Family Party....sooo knowing where she would be for Christmas day...I mailed this quilt to Nancy's son in TX on Tuesday Dec 22 ! I have been pacing fussing, praying, mumbling , trying to stay busy, trying not to harassed Alex and Tim while they sorted this by phone. The PO claimed to have left it Dec 23 at correct address.. Promised time was Dec 24 th,,, so where was it ????? Finally a week after it was due on Dec 29-30 it's located and then sent over night PO back to Iowa... Somehow Over night became 4 more days.. For it to arrive Monday Jan 4..... We will call it well traveled !  and blessed that it wasn't totally lost ! Its finally where it's suppose to be..... Merry Christmas Nancy !

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