Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 in review

 We left home in the RV Sept 28,2014  and stayed gone till  spring !
  Tim driving  w puppies on the couch.. down the road we went !

   Most of our stops were great we had an over night in KC w shell.. the next stop was Okla. city,  with that being locked up when we arrived.. we continued down the  road... as it got near dark  this was our last option ,,  10 hrs of driving was enough for Tim.. soo some where in South Okla. this rig is parked with 4 dogs tied up underneath,, the man n a dirty t-shirt,, the women in  dirty nighties, beer cans & dirty diapers etc. in the 'yard', They sat outside  to watch us park,, they sat there  ALL NITE.. ick.. I stayed up all night too while Tim slept... we left quite early the next morning

The following day we had a nice park with pool.. you can see our rig across the street

 And then we arrive at the TipOtexas Rv park,, exactly what it advertised !.. clean,  w 2 pools a very nice sewing room.. good people. a small town feel....

 While in Texas we did some sight seeing,, this is the Riverview Restaurant/dancehall. right on the river

 some where in our driving we saw many vegetable fields.. this one is cabbage
 ... and then back to the park and the pool !
 We did attend a big quilt show at a very nice  event complex with waterfalls,  fountains,, rows of palms..

 we did not go to mexico,, the one day we went they had helicopters and men w  guns walking around ,,,, we didn't stay long at that  crossing.
 somewhere near one of the crossings was a cheeepcheep  place that sold shoes,, for like $2 a pr,,  that was fun !
 another good spot was the pottery place.. they had  so much variety ..

  and neat Texas style furniture too,.. neat stuff. You would  have to have a texas style house to put it in.

 South Padre was a favorite spot. ... with a nice restaurants,, good margaritas,,

 .. then there was boca chica beach.. highway 4 from Brownsville,, the road literally stopped there in the sand !

 there was a small community there at one time,, its falling down now... sad... I believe there will be a space station  complex built nearby soon...

 the scrub, cactus. and  hoards of mosquitos amid sand dunes and swamp...
  the Space Station  starting in the distance
 scary rolling the windows down the bugs were after the blood .....
 and then the border checks.. dogs..  cameras from every angle.. opening trunks and containers,,,

 With the coming of spring we  headed north again..  up thru san Antonio, Elpaso. Fort Worth, Kansas city...

 There's no place like home !!
   I brought home 27 tops.. some were to the family , many were for good deeds
 I had a week of unlading the RV.. so many things to come in the house.. and it was spring time to get the garden in.. I ended up in the hospital .. twice for my foot. .. bringing on the need for a scooter...
 Henry really liked  my scooter.. 
  My pretty sunshine I brought home was hung in the basement near the long arm machine.
 we did some bike riding.. this day was to Nashua park with a picnic.. fun fun
  I managed to get to the basement w the bum foot and learn  the new to me longarm machine..
 somewhere between 3 diff hospital stays we managed to attend 2 fairs and watch the judging.

  My garden didn't grow as well with out attention but that ok because I was in no shape to can it.
  I acquired an antique Necchi machine  made in Italy.. After a bit of rewiring  it runs so nice!

 We painted the deck,  we put in new windows. New Garage door and opener  lots of house progress.
 Our grapes produced this year !
  I missed a big Machine quilting show while in the hospital,, bummer
  .. but did  attend the Des moines show.  Nothing of mine there but OHHH the ideas..

 ................ and the  fancy machine quilting..............

  Tim got his nose fixed. That went  better than we expected.
  I had an exhibit at the MacNider Museum

  I got noticed by the  International Hoffman Fabric Company

  and made 3 batik quilts from their donation.

 We had Thanksgiving with puppies
 the Family Christmas was in a hotel with over 25 of us there!
 I'm hoping with the new year 2016 here I can  up date this more often  I will try NOT do such a cobbled up Over view..  !!

The Quilting end was productive with : 3 auctioned, 6 soldier, 3 personal soldiers, 11 family, 7 sent to Poland, 6 sent back to Tx. 12 donated while still in TX.
 .,......... I will still take YOUR Fabric donations and put them to good use............

Now lets see what 2016 accomplishes !

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