Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Major update ! 2014

 I'm backkkkkkkk  !

Its time to up date this... bring it all forward.. after all the painting in early 2014.. and too many  blizzards we packed up the RV during one brief thaw and headed to Tom Sawyer Rv Park in Memphis.. We found spring there!

Tim parked us right near the river. We could watch big barges, tug boats,,  paddle boats with the music and smoke stacks.. and wave at them too ! all while I set up my machine and relaxed in the sun shine.

 We stayed about 3 weeks with stops in Paducah and Columbia taking our time coming and going. I really liked Paducah shops.. a dangerous place LOL.

 upon arriving home it was time to get down to business with  quilting this top and reading for the Fairs.

 I attended both the North Ia Fair and the Franklin County Fair. winning ribbons at each.

the Ladies really examined Kelsey's  Christmas Star top closely while judging.

 One of the categories is best Hand quilted with a $50 prize and name on the plaque.. I won that again  2013 &  2014.

 We parked near the stream at Rockwell for 2 weeks in July. The fireworks there are great.

 I think if you click this it will enlarge and the critics be readable... ???

 We made the decision to spend the winter in TX like my parents did  in July.. I was expecting a 3 mo trip..  When Tim made the reservations he signed us up for 7 months,,,,,,,,,  and we started packing  to leave Sept 28....

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