Sunday, July 5, 2009

Navy and Purple Good Deeds

Ive been sewing for a couple days with my own mini marathon. Here is Two tops done so far !
This is a navy pansy print from Nancy's donation box. She had many yards in there !
I think some is a Hoffman, it has lines of gold in the print.
The purples are a variety of batiks sorted out of the bundles from the red and blue quilts.
The borders are just 'add till it gets to 42" size'
Included in the use of her yardage, I cut the back side from the pansy print too.
I still have several rectangles.. and just found couple more purple strips so Im thinking ONE MORE... I still have 3 to 5 yds of the Navy prints to use up also.....
Then I found some green strips..... another? with hmmmmm large florals?? see what the day brings !! Im sewing till 8 pm.
keep the machines humming ~~K

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Debbie J. said...

I was so excited to see that you ordered the Ulmer Quilter. I went to their website and was even more excited to read that I don't have to baste the quilt. I have been pin basting them on the floor, which is quite a job. After reading their demo, I now know I can skip that step. I will be putting a twin size quilt in the quilter this week without pinning. Hope it works for me and I hope you enjoy your new quilting frame.