Tuesday, June 30, 2009

jelly roll quilts

Since its been hot, very HOT, I stayed indoors AC and was 'productive' !
After finishing a commission job for Tx lady of 7 feathered stars. I had this bundle of batiks saved from trip to Hot Springs, Ark early spring. I love batiks. A pattern in the Jelly Roll Quilt book called for these strips.. I had so much fun with one. why not make TWO ?!... so I did.
We are busy cruisin the hills around here on the bike . Admiring the wild flower colors along the sides of the roads. We marvel at the farms that have SO MUCH mowing. endless circles.... why dont they put giant gardens in that space... be usefull...it cant take that much more time than sitting in circles....
Our garden is watched over carefully by the Diva.. she loves it out there. Tomatoes & beans soon !
We are amazed at the dumb women on phones and how VERY riskey they are to US.
( PLEASE, put the phones AWAY people)
A recent trip to town the 9 quilts in last blog were donated to Linus. Bring the total Good Deeds so far this year to about 16. with several more on hangers yet to be finished.

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Jane said...

All of your quilts are gorgeous! I love the pattern on these two and the colors you've used. Blue is my fav color...so I'd have to say that is my favorite! Do you know the name of the pattern and what book it came from?