Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good Deeds !

Yes, I'm still stitchin away ~~~~

I go in spurts, with sewing several tops,, then its sits for couple weeks. Then I get busy and quilt them.. then they sit a bit till we do the pics...
I had a visit this spring, The door bell rang.... dingdong.... AVON LAdy!
What a nice visit we had ! In all our chatter it was mentioned Good Deed quilts, 'did I get paid for this?'... 'Noooo but I have sisters and freinds that have all helped along the way.' We chatted some more... We snoooped the Avon book.... on her merry way she went,,,,,,
Couple days later ~dingdong ~~ Avon Lady... she and another friend of hers had a sack FULL of good fabric colors for me. I spent a good week motivated playing with those country style fabrics. Thank You Diana!
few weeks later ~~ dingdong~ Avon Lady..... another merry visit and much chatter ! along with another full sack of fabric colors.. all bright colors!.... again I was motivated & inspired and sewed steady for a week.
I still have good sized bundles of colors to play with. They will get used! They will go tword more Good Deed Quilts. Thank you kindly Diana and her lady friends.
I need to order bulk roll of batting again. Progress! Our garden is growing well. Diva is entertained by the kids out back and practicing her 'singing'. I hope to soon have the blue lagoon pool filled up . ~~ Summer at Camp David~~K

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