Thursday, July 9, 2009

Plans !

I'm on a misssion to clean / tidy a few things , run the vac ! ,,, swish a broom.

I have fabric on the dining room table for borders to 2 tops started last week...

Next project: is to pack up a large set of Willow china for the new bride and groom.. We gifted them a new china hutch for wedding.... now On a mission to FILL IT !...... so news paper and boxes are on my horizon this week.

While blogging around this week. I saw THE PERFECT quilt frame. called The ULmer Quilt Frame..... has square corners and ,, smaller size,,, folds up,,,,,, Not bulky like my round one........ not wobbly like my spindle saw horse one...... perfect... MR said GET IT......... so I did !

So That idea led to makeing some space and clearing out special place to set it... Im thinking moving a desk that is full of junk.... pitch the junk,,, toss the desk..., really only need a spot for keys and sun glasses.... a basket for the odd drawer of pictures..... I have a plan,,,,,,, see if it works !

Im tired of JUNK.... PITCH ~~~

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