Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Projects

  We worked this week on a BIG project.
  We ripped out all the old plants, ugly rotten logs, trimmed trees and bushes.
 It only took 5 days to fill the big dumpster!  This will be an even better deal come next spring when we can plant Veggies ! I have dearly missed having a garden this year !

 The Diva and Dandy  have become  quite a pair !

  After all the heat and drought of summer we had a doozy of a storm, blowing over a big bush and taking out the phone line wire above.  We cut the whole thing down ! This will let in more light for the  large garden space in the corner. Tim transplanted several hostas and other plants  closer to the house so this is space is usable now.

  Shortly after we arrived  I planted a few veggies. July 15 !  here it is Sept 15 and we have a few things growing !  Lets hold off the frost for a bit yet !

  ..... theres the herbys
 ................... see my pepper !
 ............ see my dandy  digger !
  and a pretty bit of  color with plain old marigolds

 ... some green beans......... guess I need a stir fry for the harvest meal this year . LOLL
  The MR and Mrs and a puppy ornament.

  We changed out the mosquito pond for a bonfire pit

  The Beast  is parked for the winter.

   My  quilting is always in progress.  This one has just begun and  is a black, red, gold braid.

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