Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Star in the Making

  Every year I try to make a heirloom  quilt.  I design it sew it, hand quilt it, then  draw a family members name to receive  it.

While  the concept begins long before the last one is done.  The actual   design sketch &  building of it starts in January.......... usually..............

 This year I started July 27 during the Olympics. I had a several 14 hr days sewing madly to get this  concept from my head to assembled top !
  I  was fortified with Dew,  the TV clicker was handy at my side,,,,,
  The phone clicker wasn't far away either....   I made a Big Mess !!
    I got the top side assembled !!  with about 104 hrs stitching.......
  Tim  hid out a few of those days.................  xox   :}
  He did  some cooking. some runs to the grocery store, .. some bike rides....  and some wood projects. Here He has the basting table ready to set up in the basement !  yae!
 ... before basting it needs to have quilt lines marked.  A  good week was spent cruising the net for ideas,  sketching, running to Staples to enlarge a thumb print design up to 30  inches..,,   
 and a night spent cutting the design stencil with a razor blade. ( reminders of cutting rubylith LOOONNNGGG time ago)
 I tried out 6 different brands of marking tool$  & tracing paper$ , ending up with a $3 white pencil.. 
   after  3 days  of marking so very carefully.  We went down stairs to baste it !

 and today Sept 6  2012 its now on the frame up stairs !!

 Now all we have to do is sit there  200 hrs or so. stitching  6-7 stitches per inch, by hand, with miles of thread, .
...................  to get done by Christmas??........... and a Star is born.

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Shirley in Canada said...

Amazing how you do this, Karyl! So proud to say I "know" you. ♥