Wednesday, August 3, 2016

June, July.. We've been busy !

  Time sure fly's when you  busy! This hasn't been updated since  May.. wow.
That combined with my PC skills loading pics is tricky for me. They aren't in proper order this time... o well..
 We've finally redone the back patio that had 3inch cracks and was hard for me to get around on.  Jacob did a fabulous job getting this done.
  We took a week between rains, lawn mowing, and garden to camp in Nashua.  Love the lake views !

 ..along with new cement  Jake built a larger landing and steps to the back door.. perfect !
 Since receiving donations from Kansas Girls I did two braided quilts in country colors . Plus one in Bright! all three were made from the  bits, 'fabric not foldable' 2x 5 size makes a wonderful way to use up  smaller skinny scraps and mix them up well !
  next project was using up a big box of varied turquoise, teal, aqua, mint, accented with coral...
  The patio with a new table set.. paradise....
  I attended two fairs this year. Hampton is my favorite 3 blue ribbons were won. shown with  comments.....
  Christmas Joy 2015 is a whole cloth quilt, I used colored thread and drafted it two days before leaving Texas last spring This quilt has traveled the country before going to Nancy's home. It recvd a blue at both fairs.
  This is my 'Dare to be Sassy' green n purple batiks,, all drafted in the camper while in TX.. pieced while there,  Quilted on the big machine when I got home. 2 blues after both fairs.
  This is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. I tossed in the Fair pile simply because its BIG, It fit a category on their list... it won $15 award from the local guild, blue ribbon.

personally I don't like it.. it is her pattern, her colors, her design.. there is no ME in it.

 the Judge ladies really look close sometimes.. here they are looking at the skinny points,  flames and circles within the  quilting...
 This is a very scrappy chain type pattern using every yellow and tan in my box.. 'You are my Sunshine' recvd a blue

  We got to watch 7 hot air balloons inflate and float away one night. That was fun.

  We had a 40th class reunion.. of 32 -34 kids 8 of us showed up ! Only 3 of us were somewhat local with under 50 miles to travel.. Anne from Holland really made the distance,, was nice to see her!
 We partied near the Lake the night before...
Two of the  teal , Aqua, coral quilt were assembled.

As we move into August..  I'm in paradise on the patio,, trying to  get some goodies from the garden.....
This month I'm working to use some donated Hoffman Fabrics.. I might even  get few more tops quilted to the DONE stage.... ideas !! so many Ideas,,,, 

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Nancy Bunt said...

Good for you!! You always get so much done. The patio looks marvelous 💖