Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time flys when your having fun !

I had a couple Mothers Days this year. Sunday we did omelets and ate on the patio. while waiting for phone calls...

Tues I recvd flowers from Diva. She made sure they were done up right with her lil nose in the process.

Its been awhile since I've posted on here things are happening still !

We did couple camp outs and are learning to set up the Beast and live in it.

Tim and Diva chose this quilt called 'Colorbox' for the bed.

Tim soaking up the sunshine. I forget if this was before or after a tornado siren. There was a storm elsewhere in our county and all the sirens went off. Exciting, and good to be wary..

Yes, I can still sew like crazy in the Beast... and I have been! stay tuned for a quilt up date too.

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Lori said...

Good thing Diva helped Tim pick out the quilt, she has lovely taste!