Friday, December 17, 2010

Two Projects

Finally I have time for MY projects, The holiday sewing is done!
Now is the time for the '2000 stinkin squares' or nicer name of Milenium swap squares. They were swapped by the CrazyQuilters chat group in 1999/2000. I think they have sat in the box long enough and its time to getRdone.
Here's the start of the mess. They will be sewn on the Singer industrial model, made in November 1938. This is a rescued freecycle machine, repainted, plus a lil tune-up. The base box had broken hinges so I recovered with fabric to hide the fix it job there too !

These old classic machines have pretty details that our current plastic machines don't have . Neat !

The machine in the beginning was very rough, textured industrial grey machine. Many people would try to protect the integrity of the old details. Since there really wasn't much for savable paint details so I don't feel bad for changing the paint. I did save the serial number and the Singer medallion on the front. I added curly pinstripe decals and the local repair guy re oiled the mechanical parts.

I'll be testing her out on the 2000 Stinkin Squares that I'm sewing on tween now and NewYears
~ ta da ~~~ K
~~~hohoho and Merry Christmas to you and yours~~


Shirley in Canada said...

Nice Machine, Karyl!!! And I to have those squares in a box! I have started earmarking them for a scrap quilt. Well keep all the siggies and a few of the squares for a mini quilt I do think! Will keep checking to see if you were one of mine!!

Pat H. said...

Beautiful job on your repaint! Looks great.

TheaM said...

Hi Karyl,

I love what you did to that old Singer - it looks like one we had back in the 50's that I sewed with... looks terrific with those decals - hope it sews on forever for you!

Bonnie said...

Ohhhh -- it looks like an old Singer I have upstairs now. I, affectionately, call it my heavy weight. It weighs a ton. But it is in a case like your bottom and is black. I haven't taken it out for years as I have several other good machines. I'm curious -- what type of paint did you use? It sure looks smashing!

Katie M. said...

Love the machine and great idea to cover the 'case'. I've told DH I want to repaint my Featherweight. It may harm the 'value' but it's for me not who gets it 'later'. Thanks for sharing.

Helen in the UK said...

Great makeover on the machine -- enjoy :)
Helen in the UK
(fellow Stashbuster)