Saturday, May 8, 2010

Busy Spring !

The Critic~ Diva

One of our projects this spring was a bike group ride supporting A local soldier had a house built for him with all volunteers! This was exciting that we had bikes from around the state come ride across town with police back up closing the intersections, humvees with flags, public all along the route came out to wave. Once at the house location they had Senators, Vets, even bussed in his Troop Unit. The walls went up like an Amish barn raising with the shingles nailed down by Sunday ! It was amazing and humbling to be part of this project.

I figured a quilt would be needed in his new house.

Also this spring after connecting with some memories from High School. I got dared by Tim to DO some art... something~anything ~~

The box of pastels was found after to many moves and 20+ yrs in storage!

ta da..........................

just tip sideways : }

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Kay Zahn said...

The pastel is beautiful (as are the quilts) for such a long time away from them. I like sideways wine bottles, so I didn't tip it up!

Can't wait to someday tip one up with you guys ;)