Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Productive Month

While pacing/stitching WAITING for Carson to arrive I had plenty of projects in the works !

All of Jan part of Feb was hand quilting a Wholecloth White Quilt for the baby. This is a tradition many family baby have recvd. I draft out a design with pencil, on plain humble white muslin and stitch it up with as much quilting as can be fit on the fabric and fingers can stand. This method goes back to the 14th century with many variations of quilted clothing and trupunto techniques. ~~ google it ~

I did 5 hot pink feathered stars for a commission job.

Then got busy on stain glass quilt I had planned for ME. On my DO list since Nov! This was done once we got home watching the Olympics.
I love the colors and the way the eyes travel over this one.

Along with watching the Olympics I got six Good Deeds hemmed up, washed, ready to go do their jobs.

Yesterday I rummaged thru the color boxes for the next projects with a pile of pinky purple girly colors, and a blue & burgundy pile that will inspire me soon.
I also got a diff computor, NUTZ ! of course NON of the programs I KNOW how to do, work on this one now. My old one was 10yrs old.
I need to find a pic editing dohicky that will cut off the date on the pics. and cut ME off the pics. LOLL and maybe even figger out the camera and update the date.. oh wellllllllll....Spring will come soon too!

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Kay Zahn said...

Karyl !
I was so tickled to see your comment via my blog. I wanted to reply immediately but we had a busy weekend already in progress. You look great. I've been checking out your blog, what a darling new baby. Congratulations! AND your quilts . . . OMG. A year or two ago I got into quilting, and I made a handful over the years (even bought an HQ16 quilter, that is now in a corner piled high with junk) but I BOUGHT a ton of quilts on ebay and otherwise, as I had my sights set on opening up a gift shop (specifically a quilt shop - not as much for supplies, but to sell quilts) in Greer (where we have a cabin blah blah blah) but the property where I wanted to put something was/is NEVER going to be zone commercial so I sort of gave up the idea. BUT I HAVE a couple hundred? quilts I would LOVE to give away to a qualified charity and it looks like YOU know someone!
btw- YOU are a fabulous quilter. I was never very good. Not a good finisher. Loved piecing, didn't love quilting, and LOATHE binding/finishing. As you can see I turned my sights to painting and as usual had to do something more than just paint (cuz I hate my paintings ;) so I started a project and a blog.

I am semi retired (built a biz that pays the bills) take care of my mother in law who lives here, still have 2 teenagers, one in college (Tyler-18), one in middle school (Jamie-13), and my oldest Justin (Roths) is married for 10 years now and is dad to my only grandson (so far) Roman. He's 3 and a half going on 10!

I have kept in touch with literally NO ONE from high school, but I SHOULD, and maybe FaceBook will help me do that - I'll friend you -
I'll bet you found me thru my Aunt Sharon who Riley (your nephew? yes)helped get online at the request of my Dad (who is on f/b but calls it Space Mountain)

It is real nice to have heard from you. You should be very proud of your family and life. Who'd have ever thought that we'd be old(er) I told my brother in law (who just turned 60) that I don't remember when I started hanging out with old people! But apparently I am one.

Regards, Kay