Saturday, December 15, 2007

the Big 50

We had a great Thanksgiving here with 10 that came down for a feast.

Once that was done we Partied !! Sisters and sons were here...... we played in the pool..shopped.. ate cake.... margaritas..... made lots of noise... lots of stories... few pics.... and wonderfull giftys. The weekend went too fast.

since then its more shopping ! wrapping! hand quilting a special one.. hassling thru an Ice storm with bunches of trees down.

For the record 2007 had 42 Good Deed quilts delivered to the Linus org. And another 40 were sewn for funds and fun......... my machine is running good !!!

January will be back to sewing routine and more Good Deeds.. the closet is still full of fabric !....... hohoho ~~~K

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