Monday, September 10, 2007

change in the air

Its September, In Iowa this would be the start of FAll.

Here in Mo I still have the pool up, still picking tomatoes, still mowing the yard, but definitely cooler than it was in Okla.

We came home to a bunch of chores and tasks to get ready for the coming change of seasons. I bid the pretty morning glorys good bye as I tore down the trellis of beans and cukes. Tim dug the carrots and onions up, harvesting 2 baskets full ! We will do a pot roast and all the goodies tomorrow and an end of season vegetable soup on wed. I still have peppers and a few tomatoes that are producing.

While in Okla we had a great weekend with Tim's brother Don and Pam.
We spent many hours in the pool and lounge there. And I sewed non stop
the rest of the time. All the good deed fabric I packed with me made 3 Linus tops in bright colors. When that was used up I hit the local quilt shop for new colors and stitched up 3 more tops, 6 tops in 3 weeks !

This past week time was spent basting, quilting, hemming 3 for gifts. Now that that's off my mind, next week is a bit of 'clean the house' ... and then quilt a couple good deed tops, plus a few trips to the chiroDr and a few hours hand quilting . Its good to be home. ~K

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