Saturday, May 26, 2007

Long weekend

We have a long weekend here Tim took a day off to go to the Airshow and a picnic tomorrow.

I have spent the week sorting thru all the many boxes of fabric. I now have three large, carefully folded boxes. I sorted them into colors, backings, and Hot idea/coordinated bundles. I filled a hanger with six cheater cloth panels and backsides. quickies! I also pieced two tops this week. ALL these tops are waiting for batting. I'll have to order a new bulk roll soon !

I quilted with the walking foot 4 days this week and have 5 tops ready to be hemmed. Those will be saved for lazy summer days coming up.

The month of June will be spent in Okla at a school for Tim. I'm slowly starting to organize things for traveling.

enjoy the holiday ~~K

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